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Little Green Radicals

London based Little green Radicals started life in 2005 with a passion for fair trade and a quirky sense of humour. While doing one of the many cold wet market days selling organic and Fairtrade t-shirts, the founder, Nick, came up with six humourous slogans for kids t-shirts including ‘Stop the Wailing‘ and ‘Wind Farm.’

Not long after their launch, Little Green Radicals was in a select group of brands to be first in the UK to get Fairtrade certification for cotton. And, of course, they have always been organic too.

Their farmers, based in India, get a guaranteed price for their cotton, and they don’t use nasty pesticides. The factories they work with look after their employees, who get fair wages, maternity leave, and many of the other things you would expect from decent factories. 

The belief has never dimmed and the mission to make beautiful things the right way still makes us want to jump the hurdles to come.